A word about us…

It is great pride for us to share our Passion and our Love for “Le Bel Objet”.

At Ptrk Design, we make a point to create timeless pieces.
Our first inspirations came from past millenniums;
Our most significant realizations belong to the domain of Art Cutlery;
Therefore it seemed natural for our first original creations to be born from fire, iron and steel.
As we were thinking about the reproduction of these original works in limited editions, the bronze, known by his nobility of character, imposed by himself as first choice material.

From the first thought, we wanted to focus on the originality and the exclusivity of our presented pieces.
Thus, parallel to our limited series, it seemed obvious to present original and unique pieces made of various materials such as silver, Damascus Steel, mokume, fossil ivory, and for those who can’t resist the glimpses of “blings”, Swarovski crystal, various stones, and other natural and exotic materials.

Of course, the belt itself is subject to special cares and attentions.
We meticulously choose our skins directly at the supplier.
We use only top quality leather.
And we carry out all finishing levels and adjustments “in-house” at our workshop.

Regarding the exotic leathers, we import semi-finished products by ensuring that our suppliers meet the highest quality standards.


Why choose PTRK Design?

  • Because you are Unique.
  • Because you deserve the Best.
  • Because we know it and because we dress your Style.
  • Because we pay special attention to every aspects of fabrication.
  • Because this object will become “Part of You”.
  • Because Ptrk Design makes Impression and makes …

… THE Difference.